Refund policy


We’d like you to know if you’re not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help!

In case you received an order you’re not happy with please feel free to contact us and we’ll certainly resolve the issue, in any case.

However please be well informed, we’ve stopped taking orders back since the COVID-19 outbreak.

So you don’t have to send the parcel back. Instead, you can just tell us what’s wrong, we’ll look into the matter and provide a solution for you.

Reasons for having your order resent or receiving a refund:

- Delivery terms and deadlines violated significantly

- Product does not meet the declared characteristics

- Some items arrived damaged/are missing

With that being said, when addressing the issue to our customer support by email Please kindly provide some pictures of the item that caused you to look up ‘Return & Refund’ policy.

Rest assured, we’ll work our best to make you happy either way.